Linda Morris Kelley, Pittsfield MA. Linda works at the nexus where big picture vision meets practical implementation to produce sustainable enterprise that is relevant and contributes to overall prosperity. She is a cultural creative who guides individuals and teams through the process of change to develop the mindset, presence, and capabilities they need to lead and collaborate in the building of a sustainable world.
         Her focus is on cultivating professional and personal excellence that bridges the gap between knowing what to do and being able to do it. Linda’s whole systems approach to learning and change enables clients to navigate difficult issues in doable steps that produce rapid, genuine results. As happens with the turn of a kaleidoscope, our accumulated skills and experiences reorder and recombine to make new original patterns time after time; we’re always a work-in-progress. It is the rich breadth and depth of our humanness, simultaneously simple and complex in its unfolding, that forms the foundation of Linda’s work as a consultant and coach.
      She brings to her consulting, training and coaching a pragmatic, hands-on perspective gained from thirty years of business experience coupled with her artist’s sense of invention, play and design, and an amateur naturalist’s powers of observation. She works with both businesses and government agencies.
       Linda is a leader in forging new ground using virtual technologies for collaborative problem-solving, immersive learning, and advancing collective ingenuity. Delia Lake is Linda Kelley’s avatar representative in virtual platforms such as Second Life® where she has worked for over ten years to raise awareness of and work collaboratively on real-world environmental and sustainability issues with people around the globe.  She does this because she believes that virtual media will provide essential co-creative spaces and interfaces between local and global sustainability initiatives.
      Linda is a co-author of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook (Greenleaf, 2008). She serves on the steering committee of the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market, is a member of the core team of the Pittsfield Working Cities Challenge, and formerly was on the board of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston.

Theresa McNichol, Princeton, NJ. Terri McNichol, developer of imaginement® and President, Ren Associates, is an award-winning artist and independent scholar. She is Senior Associate Adjunct Professor at Mercer County Community College and has taught studio and Asian art history at both the community college and university levels for over twenty-five years.
         A former museum director, she has been a sponsored speaker at international museum and management conferences in Taiwan, in the UK, Beijing China (PRC) and most recently at the Wise Management conference held in Shanghai, China.
       Terri is a contributor to The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together now in its second printing and the forthcoming The Museum Blog Book. Terri’s chapter "The Art Museum as Laboratory for Re-Imagining a Sustainable Future" based on her students’ museum essays is in Part III: Appreciative Intelligence Perspectives: Advances in Appreciative Inquiry- Positive Design and Appreciative Construction: From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Value v.3, 2010.

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Jeama Wirtenberg, Ph.D. Madison NJ.  Jeana helps companies and organizations make sustainability a mainstream, routine business practice. She is an expert on the leadership, organizational dynamics, and psychology required to make that happen. Jeana is president and CEO of
Transitioning to Green ( Her company develops individual and organizational capacity to make sustainability take root. She is co-founder and senior advisor of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise ( at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the Management & Global Business Department, Rutgers University.
       Her book Building a Culture for Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy (Praeger, 2014) shows how to holistically integrate sustainability throughout the culture of organizations. Jeana is lead editor for The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together, first and second edition (Greenleaf Publishing, 2008, 2016).
       Wirtenberg was HR Director for Development, Quality and Organization Effectiveness at Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) where she led a variety of initiatives to transform the firm and build organizational capacity. Formerly, she held several leadership positions in AT&T Human Resources and Marketing. Jeana started her career in the Federal government where she was a Social Science Analyst in the Office of Research at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and led the Women’s Research/Social Processes team at the National Institute of Education. She teaches Organizational Behavior in Rutgers MBA program, Women Leading in Business and Management Skills in Rutgers Department of Management and Global Business. She received her Master’s degree and Ph.D. with honors in Psychology from U.C.L.A.

Elena Feliz, Woodside, NY. Elena, principal for Feliz Consulting, is an Organization Development Consultant and Certified Coach. She also serves as Senior Consultant for WIN INSIGHTS, a Diversity & Inclusion company. Her expertise includes assessment, strategic planning, change management, leadership development, team building, diversity & inclusion, facilitation, coaching and training. She was an internal OD/HR consultant in AT&T for 25 years and is an external OD consultant for the private and public sector since 2002. She is also a guest lecturer at Rutgers University. She has been invited to speak at a variety of forums and conferences.
       Elena received her masters from American University in Washington, D.C. She has served on the Board of Trustees for the Organization Development Network (ODN) twice and is a member of NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science (ABS). Elena convenes multiple groups of people of color and women to support social justice. Elena can be reached by email at or by phone at  718-335-8161.

David Lipsky, Highland Mills, NY. David is head of leadership development and employee engagement at Samsung Electronics America. He has over 25 years of experience in building organizational and leadership capabilities that contribute to business success and personal growth. He has accomplished this by focusing on the potential and possibilities of the people and businesses he has worked with and using his extensive experience in strategic alignment, leadership development, and organizational transformation.                                                      

       David has had the opportunity to work with many organizations in a variety of industries, including Sony, Unilever, United Technologies, Bank of America, Alpharma, KPMG Peat Marwick, and Merrill Lynch. He is also an Associate Professor at the Jack Welch Management Institute. He has lectured and authored articles and book chapters on internal consulting, organizational development, and sustainability. David received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Human Ecology and received a PhD in Applied Psychology from Hofstra University, focusing on leadership effectiveness and success.

 with diverse professional and personal experience who come together to share ideas, inspire each other, and educate ourselves and others about the incredible potential and responsibility of Organization Development and Human Resources to lead the way in building  sustainable,  flourishing  workplaces  and  communities  for all. 

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Jessica Bartenhagen, MLA, MSOD Boston MA.  Jessica’s  consulting practice focuses on the reciprocal relationship between people and the environment, from the spaces we inhabit to the ecological systems our communities and organizations rely upon and impact.   She has worked with a diverse collection of individuals, teams and organizations locally and globally, and is a proponent of the Appreciative Inquiry process for the cultivation of healthy, vibrant human systems.   
       With co-author Ann Feyerherm, PhD, Jessica‘s original research on the significance of worldview in the context of sustainability was published in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (2013): “Transitioning organisations for sustainability: implications for organization development and change management.” The research supports findings that, given their unique training and skills, OD practitioners are ideally positioned to provide organizations and communities with the kinds of tools and leadership necessary for successful sustainability initiatives.   
        Jessica holds a Master of Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Karen J. Davis, New York, NY. Karen, a consultant with organizations globally for over four decades, is committed to enhancing the health, effectiveness and joy of human systems and our planet.  Her life work is in the spirit of earth wisdom; her values and practices are grounded in multiple ways of knowing. 
    Karen is dedicated to co-creating global community and sustainability by working and learning with colleagues and groups throughout the world.  Her current leadership and board memberships include Open Space Institute US and International Organization Development Association.  For many years Karen was a trustee of Organization Development Network. She has been on the graduate faculty of Organization Behavior and Development at the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile.  Other long-term commitments involved her service on the board of a large healthcare and insurance company, various community and cultural groups, as well as advisory boards of several international organizations.
     Karen’s educational background includes specializations in chemistry, counseling psychology and social psychology.  Her music training and experiences are significant influences in her work and life.  When not traveling or working around the world she lives in New York City, returning regularly to her native Arizona.  Summers, she is on her farm in rural Quebec, Canada with her virtual office.  Karen describes herself as a "global citizen and gardener."  The earth is her playground and lifelong teacher.  Email

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