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-Beverly Cleary

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Changing company culture is the biggest challenge for sustainability champions.  Jeana Wirtenberg gleans best practices and lessons learned from case studies of nine leading companies' experiences to provide a buffet of proven approaches for hungry culture-change agents.  Perfect. Now let's get on with it.

-Bob Willard, Author and Speaker, "The New Sustainability Advantage"

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The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook is a collection of deep context and practical tools to help every reader equip their organization for the sustainable future. The authors have crafted a rich read with hundreds of case studies and perspectives ranging from Pope Francis to the animal kingdom to Mark Twain. There are countless books about the future of sustainable business, but none stitch together the historical wisdom, activation methods and storytelling like The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook .

Dave Stangis, Chief Sustainability Officer, Campbell Soup Company, USA

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Flourishing Enterprise lays out a compelling case and pathway for business to help catalyze a world where all people and life can flourish.  I applaud its inspiration and vision for how each of us can create the world to which we aspire for ourselves and our children.

-Paul Rice, President and CEO, Fair Trade USA

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The most comprehensive sourcebook for leaders, managers, practitioners, and all those committed to working within their communities and organizations to nudge the human family toward sustainable societies, living in peace with each other and nature.

-Hazel Henderson, Author of "Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy"; President, Ethical Markets Media LLC USA, Brazil. 

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