Based in the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE), ISE is a thought leadership and research hub for current and future leaders who are interested in a profitable, sustainable future for their organization and the world.​​

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Transitioning to Green is a global sustainability management consulting firm providing leading-edge client solutions to a wide variety of challenges facing business and organizations from all sectors. ​​

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              like-minded people to create a better world.  Here are a few.

AIM2Flourish is the world’s first global initiative steering future business leaders towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a flourishing world for all. We offer a highly adaptable, professor-facilitated curriculum that combines classroom learning about transformative business models with the outside experience of students interviewing innovative CEOs.​​

A Collaborative for the Transformation of Organizations & Communities in Service of Humanity & the Earth.

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Sustainable Life Media is an integrated media company that delivers information, produces events, and cultivates communities of interest to facilitate the shift to a flourishing and sustainable economy. 


IODA - an international professional membership association serving OD professionals, is a vibrant and supportive network of organization development practitioners and students from around the world who join together to learn how OD is practiced in different countries, to share best practices, and to support one another in designing and facilitating change efforts in their organizations and global communities.​​

Open Space Technology was discovered by Harrison Owen as a better way to unleash the power of self-organization in teams, organizations, and communities. The Open Space Institute of the United States (OSI-US) believes that inspired behavior can be an everyday experience and that humanity is limited by its perceptions of the possible. The OSI-US was created to grow that sense of possibility and make it a reality by focusing on: learning, research and practice.

​The Society for Organizational Learning, North America is an intentional learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and communities around the world. A not-for-profit, member-governed corporation, SoL is devoted to the interdependent development of people and their institutions in service of inspired performance and meaningful results.​​

Art of the Future is a strategy consulting firm offering the Structural Dynamics approach to support Anticipatory Leadership and shape the future of Life-Sustaining Organizations.