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A Collaborative for the Transformation of Organizations & Communities in Service of Humanity & the Earth.

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Our Story

ODCFW began with a question: What is the future of Organization Development?

Our answer: The future of Organization Development  lies in facilitating a widespread cultural shift toward a flourishing economy respectful of the social and ecological systems upon which we all depend.

How we explored the question and arrived at the answer defines who we are. Back in 2003, our members got together to research, survey, and present results, recognizing that asking the right question is crucial to defining the best path forward.  Inquiry has not only led us to answer the question, but to rise to the challenge it presented.  But we didn't do this through inquiry alone.  Over the years we've come to recognize that in addition to inquiry, the most powerful tool for idea generation is dialog with others.  

It was dialog with collaborators, students, editors, and event participants that helped answer the question.  Guided by a shared purpose and goals, it is still dialog that germinates new ideas in service of that purpose.  Whether consultants, human resource professionals, coaches or community organizers, our members are experts at facilitation, systems thinking, and a slew of other competencies shown to be key to successful sustainability initiatives.

By getting together as a community of practitioners with a shared purpose - formally or informally, in a group of 2 or 20, by phone, in person, or online - we continue the dialog that, again and again, translates into action. Whether that action is taking a course to learn more about sustainability-related OD skills, proposing alternative ways of doing 'business as usual' at work, collaborating on a book or article, or brainstorming ways to be proactive in our workplace or community, dialog generates ideas.  And ideas with the support of a community make an impact!

Our mission is to transform organizations and communities in service of humanity and the earth.  We invite you to join the dialog!