The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook – When It All Comes Together,  edited by Jeana Wirtenberg with William Russell and David Lipsky, is published by Greenleaf.  The book features the contributions of The Enterprise Sustainability Action Team, a collection of authors and professionals sharing knowledge of the many facets of OD and sustainability - from values to metrics to leadership.  The Fieldbook receives praise for being important, practical, and ahead of its time.  Greenleaf proposes a second edition in 2015.

Over the years, the original query about the future of Organization Development evolves. The internally-focused assessment is held against the backdrop of our world's economic, social, and ecological challenges, uncovering both opportunity and responsibility.  The Community organizes itself around those members passionate not only about working to ensure a positive, flourishing future for the profession of Organization Development, but also for the world we all share.  

After several fruitful years of work and coordination, the second edition of Greenleaf's The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When it all Comes Together is scheduled to be released.



Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg and her research team analyze the results of the survey taken by over 900 participants. 

The analysis revealed 3 top strengths of OD:  
                Systemic Orientation/Change Management
                Techniques & Processes – Teamwork/Leadership Development
                Values OD Brings to Practice

 And 4 areas of Improvement for OD:
                Definition and Distinction of the Field of OD 
               Quality Control of Practitioners 
               Business Acumen of Practitioners/Emphasis on Customer Needs; 
               Clear ROI/Value of the Work

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A presentation sharing the findings, "The Future of Organization Development", is given at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ and Garden State SHRM, NJ. 

Over the next few years, the findings are published:

Wirtenberg, J., L. Abrams & C. Ott, (2004). “Assessing the Field of Organization Development,” Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 40 (4), 465-479

Wirtenberg, J., Backer, T., Chang, W., Lannan, T., Applegate, B., Conway, M., Abrams, L., Slepian, J., (2007). “
The Future of Organization Development in the Nonprofit Sector,” Organization Development Journal Special Issue, 25(4), pp. 179-195.

Wirtenberg,J., Abrams, L., Lipsky, D., Conway, M., & Slepian, J., (2007). “
The Future of Organization Development:  Enabling Sustainable Business Performance Through People,” Organization Development Journal Special Issue, Spring 2007.

Over 1,200 organization development practitioners from the OD Institute, the OD Network Board of Trustees, the New Jersey Organization Development community, and OD thought leaders from 24 of the world's most successful global corporations come together to help define and advance the future of the Organization Development profession. This committee - The Global Committee on the Future of OD - conducts a survey to discover OD's greatest potential for making a positive impact in the future.  



The leadership team holds an Appreciative Inquiry retreat in Montville, NJ.  The team emerges with their purpose refreshed: We are a collaborative for the transformation of organizations and communities in service of humanity and the earth. A new name reflects that purpose: The Organization Development Collaborative for a Flourishing World (ODCFW).   


Jeana Wirtenberg's book is published: Building a Culture For Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy.  Through interviews and case studies, the book highlights notable organizations that have successfully achieved sustainability initiatives. The book includes data generated during the 2013 GCFOD member event.

The Global Community for the Future of OD holds an event sponsored by Fairleigh Dickenson University's Institute for Sustainable Enterprise and the New Jersey OD Community in Madison, NJ: "Co-Creating the Future of Organization Development".   Survey data from event participants is included in Jeana Wirtenberg's upcoming second book: Building a Culture For Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy.




A Collaborative for the Transformation of Organizations & Communities in Service of Humanity & the Earth.



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Jeana Wirtenberg and Elena Feliz host Fairleigh Dickenson's Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE) event, The Future of Organization Development.  One break-out team focuses on the link between Organization Development and sustainability.  The ideas generated by this discussion help define a sustainability focus for the Global Committee for the Future of OD, and inspire the leading minds in OD & sustainability to collaborate on a book: The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook – When It All Comes Together.  


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